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In a restless, dream-filled city, Los Angeles native Neekull sets herself a part with a voice like silk that exploits raw, heartfelt emotions. She strives to bring out her truth, good and bad, through her candid, colorful writing style. Although her head is often up in the clouds, Alt R&B artist, Neekull grounds herself through music and writing. Her influences range from Erykah Badu, Solange, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean and many other artists who have always strive to ‘think outside the box’ and approach their art with authenticity. The unapologetic singer has a sensibility that makes her an artist for all.

Let Me Know (Official Lyric Video)

Neekull's single "Let Me Know" comes out Friday, January 28th on all streaming platforms

Let Me KnowNeekull
00:00 / 03:09 like in this song, I write about knowing this secret and wishing he just would've told me. Saying if he just told me, I insinuate there could have been a "would have, could have, should have been" moment that maybe things would have fallen in his favor. But the verses are the moments after I pieced everything together and like... yeah actually being fucking mad because here I am thinking I'm chillen when he was creating all this fucking drama. Boys just be so dramatic sometimes and doing all this nonsense. And like... I just get annoyed of that...